Good Roads

In September 2015 I started a discovery project with an almost 100 year old map of Pasadena. At the time I called it One City One Map Life intervened, progress was slow, but I pushed slowly forward and now I’m going to be presenting my work to the Huntington Westerners in Pasadena on March 4, […]

One City One Map

My latest map project blends technology and history. Many years ago I bought an old Automobile Club of Southern California map of Pasadena.   My plan is to first accurately date the map, digitize it and pin it onto Google Earth. Then by searching the archives of the Pasadena Historical Society and other local sources […]

CECUT Map Opening

The opening of the map exhibit at CECUT in Tijuana last Friday was wonderful. Carlos Garcia, Armando Orso, Simon Burrow Carlos and Armando were the prime movers in getting the exhibit approved and installed. The exhibit is the best yet.  They did blowups of three of the maps that are spectacular and the space is […]

Tijuana Publicity

La Frontera, which I think is the largest paper in Tijuana, ran a full page story about the opening of the Changing Boundaries map exhibit at CECUT. It appears that people of Mexico are more interested in the Changing Border (Fronteras Cambiantas) than people in the USA.

Maps in Tijuana

The opening of the Changing Boundaries map exhibit has been posted on the CECUT web site.  You can help me a bit by going to the link and liking it on Facebook.  Do it now. If you are in the San Diego area this Friday night come across the border for a pretty cool bi-cultural […]

Map Colloquium ASU

If you read this blog even occasionally you know that I have been exhibiting my collection of border maps around the West.  We held a colloquium to celebrate the exhibit at ASU on January 19, 2012. During the talk Dr Carlos Velez-Ibanez and I announced that after the exhibit in Tijuana at CECUT the collection […]

San Diego to Ensenada circa 1930

In the 1930’s the Auto Club of California issued a strip map of the route from San Diego to Ensenada. I bought a copy of the little map on eBay and am going to use it in the Fronteras Cambientas exhibit at the CECUT Museum in Tijuana that opens on February 24, 2012.  The opening […]


The Changing Boundaries Map Exhibit at Arizona State University is closing on February 10, 2012.  The next show is in at the CECUT museum in Tijuana Fronteras Cambientes opens on February 24, 2012. In the meantime the last planned event at ASU is a Colloquium on January 19, 2012 at 5:30 pm. I love the […]

Politics the Ugly Truth

On Monday October 31 Dr Oscar Arias visited the School of Trans Border Studies at ASU and I had the honor of giving him a tour of the Changing Boundaries Map Exhibit.  Arias won the Nobel Peace Prize for his work to end the fighting in Central America in the 1980’s while he was President […]

CECUT Maps 2012

The CECUT Museum in Tijuana, BC is going to host the Changing Boundaries Map Exhibit beginning in February 2012. The Imax theater at CECUT The opening reception and panel discussion are on Friday,February 24.  Look at this beautiful picture of the museum and mark your calendar. Tijuana is not what it used to be or […]