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Mt Whitney 2015

Two weeks from today I will be making another attempt to hike up Mt Whitney with Rebecca, Anthony and some of their friends. Heidi, Chris, Matt and ?

Two years ago I made the hike with Lillian, Ben and Carmella and got to the top.  It was an amazing experience in itself. As a bonus the training in preparation  for the hike is a way to get in good shape and stay very focused.

I have three more serious hikes to make before our departure on July 2nd for our permit date on July 6th.  There are terrific trails in Southern California and I’m seeing lots of them and what they have to offer.

Most of the time I hike alone.  To keep busy I mentally write lists, poems and blog posts.  I do math problems in my head, review old grudges and try to calculate my location.

Here is my draft of my hiking rules which is a list and a blog post.  I’m working on a poem that starts:

Two trails diverged in a western wood

we took the one more traveled by

and that has made all the difference

we came to water and are still alive today.

But I’m having trouble duplicating  Frost’s rhyming scheme. ABAAB  and generally am not a poet.

Nurit and Lillian are coming along on this expedition as the support staff.  It should be a very good weekend independent of whether we make the summit.

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