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Free Ranging Rocks

There are two kinds of rocks in the world: “Free Ranging” and “Caged.”


This picture illustrates the point nicely.  the large boulder and small rocks along the petunias in the foreground are free ranging the stones cemented into the walls are caged.  You can see that the free ranging stones are happier.  Is it stone torture?It is important that every garden have some free ranging rocks to balance the human imposed order of concrete.


Here are some free ranging stones used as a lovely garden border.

There is an opportunity for someone to start the Free Ranging Rock Company.  They could “hand select” beautiful boulders and sell them to people who live in urban areas as garden accents.  You would come to the customers home with a truck full of beautiful Free Ranging Stones and you would help them select stones that fit their urbanscape.  Each stone would come with a certificate of origin and a geological history. Size would effect price of course and I suggest that the sizes be Sparrow, Pigeon, Chicken Turkey and Ostrich.  You can buy pigeon sized rocks at a local rock yard for $3.00 each but they are not hand selected, don’t have a pedigree and are not delivered.


A Beautiful Free Ranging Ostrich

Thanks to Jane F.  who asked me for some “head sized” loose rocks when I was installing her fountain.  Her request gave me this idea.

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  • Lilli June 11, 2009, 5:55 pm

    Dad you have taken your delusion to a whole new level. hilarious.

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