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The First Selfie

This could be a photo of the first selfie, one of the first selfies or it could be staged. It doesn’t matter. It gives me a chance to talk about selfie sticks. I like the selfie concept and I own a selfie stick which I use when I hike alone and when I want a group photo.  Selfie sticks  put you in the picture, get better angles than hand held selfies and are much easier to use than tripods and timers.  The aversion to selfie sticks is the same aversion that the aged often have for the new.  Think of the resistance to electric light, sound in movies and email. New things cause you to change behavior and sometimes even beliefs. Not easy. To the specific charge that selfies in general are narcissistic that old saw has been brought out every time there has been an advance in photo technology. If you oppose the new it is relatively easy to find a reason to do so.

Here is a selfie I took hiking this week:

That is the Broom Tree in the background.

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