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Simonburrow.com is a vehicle for Simon to demonstrate that he is still producing things of value. It intended to be quirky and thought provoking. It could make you laugh, think or scratch your head. Why I Blog.

Simon Burrow is a retired factory manager. He is married with two grown children. He and Nurit, his wife, travel a lot. They are “the happiest they’ve ever been.” Simon sends postcards some of which sneak into this blog.

After retiring from factory management Simon worked for about a decade on the right to migrate. He is the founder of Rational Immigration and maintains the web site RationalImmigration.com. The Facebook group is Rational Immigration Movement. In 2007 he produced the immigration education film Beyond Borders. The idea is that responsible people should have the right to live where they choose in the world and he is working in a mostly desultory fashion to make that a reality.

Some of Simon’s other interests are: teasing, henging, local history, hiking, business ideas, traveling and writing about himself in the third person. After living in the Pasadena, California area for more than 40 years Simon and Nurit moved in April 2017 to Phoenix, Arizona.

You can email Simon at simonburrow@mac.com