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Two Tokes Assisted Living

On Wednesday I got my haircut by Cathe at Sir Guys in East Pasadena.  Cathe has redecorated on a rock and roll theme which I really like.  She has lots of excellent poster art from the 60’s and 70’s and it looks terrific.  We were riffing on changing the name of the shop to express it’s rock and roll nature: Flower child, Hippies, Rockers etc.  When I suggested Two Tokes.

A little later we were talking about The Terraces Assisted Living where my mother in law lives and the two came together.  How about an assisted living facility in a state with medicinal marijuana named Two Tokes Assisted Living.  Not much explanation is necessary.

Yesterday morning a Facebook friend posted a story about an adult marijuana camp in Colorado.  The possibilities are endless.  How about a retirement commune?  I get high with a little help from my friends.

BTW the actual lyric is “One toke over the line….”

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