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Why We Henge

I have built some great henges in the last few years some as events like TubeHenge:


Some solo like CitrusHenge:


Now an article in the Clarion Legend (Clarion, Mississippi) talks about Henging and why it happens.  After visiting Stonehenge and some other replicas the author Felder Rushing was inspired to make Peghenge, a henge made of clothes pins and wrote “When you do something like this, two things happen: You feel a little silly and exposed, and also, because what you’ve done is creative but out of the ordinary, you are personally and socially liberated. And it feels good.”

Here is a link to CloneHenge.com the go to place for information and good humored fun about Stonehenge replicas big and small around the world.  http://clonehenge.com/

And for a picture of PegHenge go here and scroll down.

We are in Santa Fe, NM for the next few weeks and I’m hoping to go to the site of the deceased RefrigeratorHenge and get a photo. It is sacred ground for serious hengers.

And then as a tribute to the beginning of the end of the US Postal Service, as signaled by the end of Saturday deliveries, I’m going to start gathering the material for MailBoxHenge.  Stay tuned.

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