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We visited the “Levitated Mass” at the Los Angles County Museum of Art (LACMA) on Saturday.  It was heavy.  The LACMA website calls it a Megalith which in my mind makes this installation a henge.  The artist is Michael Heizer.  What I admire most, having moved some big stones around myself, is that he was able to convince art patrons to put up the money to move and install the stone.

Walking under the Levitated Mass gave me a control of nature feeling, as if I was taking a big risk, even though it is well designed and not in the least dangerous.

A bit of perspective:

  • This stone weighs about 330 tons.
  • One of the large stones at Stonehenge weighs about 25 tons
  • A medium sized office building, like the one in the background of these pictures weighs about 12,000 tons. Office building construction facts

The Levitating Mass can be seen as a driveby from 6th Street just East of Fairfax.  But this exhibit is best seen from below.  If you can find parking entry is free.  Parking is $10 in the LACMA lot.

We had lunch first with Gil and Nanci C. at Short Order at the Farmers Market.  A very nice outing.

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