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CitrusHenge the Blog Post

On a very recently discovered and translated Mayan carving it said something like: “build a Stonehenge replica out of citrus and the 2012 apocalypse will be averted.”

So we did and it was. Saved that is.

Our little row of citrus trees had a bountiful harvest this year.

And while I was harvesting my henge gene kicked in and I couldn’t resist the urge to give CitrusHenge a try.

A little experimenting and viola:

The world was saved from the Mayan apocalypse.

Well done Simon if I may say so myself.  Kudos to Nancy Wisser and the CloneHenge Blog for a henge making contest that end today.   I am hoping to get honorable mention for CitrusHenge.  Nancy shot down my claim to the world first CitrusHenge with this reminder of a Henge at a Spanish citrus festival.  Which is bigger, better and earlier.  Drat.

But I am undeterred in my desire for henging glory.  Next I’m going to make the extravagant claim that I have created a record number of Henge-like installations.  I’m going for the Guinness Book of World Records.

And finally a bad visual pun:

A group of citrus hanging around contemplating their Navel Orange.

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