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Disposable Cutting Boards

Here is an idea that I originally had back in 2008.

Cutting boards are a major source of contamination in the kitchen.

Cutting boardscurrent unsanitary boards

The easiest way to avoid this problem is to use disposable cutting boards. What I found that works really well is the thick paper plates.

Cutting boards

Simon’s sanitary disposable board

The ones that are made out of that pressed egg carton material with a white smooth top. They would be even better if they were flat or at least had a much lower lip. I’ll confess I had this idea to save having to wash another thing after lunch. They are made from recycled material so they’re green and they save water.

This was such a good idea that I kept it off the web site for a few weeks. Then I told Rebecca B about it and she suggested googling it to see if the product already exists. Sure enough it does. In fact on of the two most prominent one is owned by SC Johnson and called Disposable Cutting Sheets. The other is called Cut and Toss and is independently owned. Neither of them is available at the Ralphs Market down the hill and neither of them is as simple or elegant as the one I made out of a paper plate. But this is an idea whose time is coming.

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