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Fire in Santa Anita Canyon 4

After it appeared that the fires had died down last night (See report 3)

We were woken up at 3:00 am this morning by the dog barking and this scene of the fire creeping over the next ridge towards us. It appears that we are not out of danger yet.

Santa Anita Fire

The fire is now about 2 miles from us above Auburn Street in Sierra Madre. Before we moved here we lived for a few years at the very top of Auburn Street in the current evacuation area. Nurit made us move because it was to scary way up there with the backyard touching the National Forest. She was right again.

Santa Anita Fire

The telephoto lens makes it appear scarier. We have to keep alert and hope that the wind doesn’t come up. I will be less sanguine about the fire today than yesterday.

Here is the link for information from the City of Sierra Madre:


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