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Happy Birthday Israel

The State of Israel was 64 years old this week which makes it about middle aged as nations go.

Happy Birthday Israel

To add a little more historic perspective:

  • Israel was founded before the fax machine and outlived it.
  • Israel was founded before the cassette tape and has outlived it.
  • The same for the floppy disc, the princess phone and the pager.
  • Looking at some companies Israel has out lived WT Grant, Polaroid, Wang and Lehman Brothers
  • It looks like Israel will outlive Kodak and Sears.  Although both of them were founded when Zionism was only a dream.
  • My favorite: Israel was founded before the Boeing 707 flew and it still exists.  Boeing 707’s are not flying much anymore.
  • Israel outlasted the United Arab Republic, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, the USSR and Tibet.
  • Since Israel was admitted to the UN somewhere near a hundred other countries have been admitted.

Did I miss any?

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