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Maryhill Henge

In September I visited Rebecca in Oregon and we took a few great road trips which I have yet to post any pictures from.  But because I have been on a blog henge roll for the past few days I thought I’d post this updated picture from Maryhill Henge in Washington.  We drove out the beautiful Columbia River Valley past Hood River and crossed at this this bridge into Washington


and after a short search found the henge.   I had been before (previous post) and had been woefully under-impressed but this time I went down the hill in the front and got this really great picture.


I think that if I was in charge of Maryhill I’d move the parking lot down below the henge so that the approach was up the hill.  It also needs a gift shop and some more critical mass.  See tomorrow’s blog entry for an idea about building the critical mass.

We also drove around Mt Hood


I love stand alone mountains.

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