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The frog has laid eggs, spawned*, in the pond.  We know she spawned in the swimming pool a few month ago but this is the first time we have seen frog eggs in the pond.


Koimageddon**: The death of the Koi last month was essential to this remarkable event.  Previously even if the frog had laid eggs in the pond the Koi would have eaten them.  What we don’t know is whether the eggs were fertilized.  Stay tuned.

* Spawn is a noun meaning fish and amphibian eggs that have been laid and a verb that means to lay those eggs.  The derivative meaning is to give birth to something.  As in: “He spawned a wave of derivative products.”

** Koimageddon is taken from “Carmageddon” the closing of one of the major freeways in the LA area this weekend.

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