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New Henge Ideas

In no particular order here are some henge ideas that came out of the wine at recent events leading.

What is a Henge? 

In the alliterative catagory we have:

  • Hingehenge
  • Foamhenge
  • Tomehenge
  • Bonehenge

Small henge proposals include:

  • Filmhenge (35mm film containers)
  • Ricehenge
  • Microchiphenge
  • Beermathenge
  • Cassettehenge
  • Scissorhenge
  • Walkmanhenge
  • Cornonthecobhenge
  • PS2henge
  • Postcardhenge
  • drinkumbrellahenge
  • and my favorite Matchbookhenge

In the large henge catagory some of the most creative ideas where:

  • VCRhenge
  • Typewriterhenge
  • Sewingmachinehenge
  • Filecabinethenge
  • Pianohenge
  • Lazyboyhenge
  • Shoehenge

Now that I have won the coveted Golden Druid Award from CloneHenge I am ready for some new challenges.

More Henge Pictures

My plan is still to build the much delayed Great Pyramid of Gates



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  • Clonehenge January 25, 2013, 4:44 pm

    Well done, sir. Our suggestion, but you would have to find someone who sews, is for a stuffed or plush Stonehenge, each stone a separate, shaped piece, with two pieces of fabric sewn together and stuffing inside. No one has done it so far.

  • simonburrow January 26, 2013, 4:19 am

    Good idea. I know just the person to do the sewing. How about “quilt henge” we could get lots of quilters to sew individual squares and piece them together.

  • Clonehenge January 26, 2013, 6:31 pm


    Carved vegetables are also a possibility. Of course, the possibilities are endless.Best of luck to all involved.

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