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Haderlein on South Orange Grove Ave

Pasadena City Councilman Steve Haderlein’s response to my email about the narrowing of South Orange Grove Avenue.

From: sjhaderlein@mycingular.blackberry.net
Subject: Re: South Orange Grove Avenue
Date: October 27, 2006 6:28:34 PM PDT
To: Simon@simonburrow.com/

Unfortunate as it may be, Pasadena has no control over South Pasadena’s streets.

Let’s stay in touch.

Steve Haderlein

My original email to Councilman Haderlein:

I am a resident of East Pasadena and was stunned to see that the
reconstruction of Orange Grove Avenue in South Pasadena between the
City line and the 110 freeway is going to make the road one lane
permanently. This is wrong. South Pasadena is being selfish again
and you and the Pasadena City Council are letting them get away with it.
First they blocked the 710 freeway and it required a referendum to
stop you from helping them. Then they slowed down the Gold Line
trains. Now they are reducing traffic flow on one of the major
routes from our area to downtown. What are you going to do to stop
this selfish behavior by South Pasadena. Please represent the
thousands of people in your district who are forced to commute a
little bit longer each day.
Thank you.


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