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Some of My Best Friends

live in South Pasadena.  I have ranted three time in the last week against the city of South Pasadena and the joint actions of the residents of the city.  I’m going to rant a lot more on the topic.  However I want to make it clear that in my mind this struggle is a good thing.  Individual residents of South Pasadena do not all agree with their cities actions and they often act differently as a group than they do as individuals.  See The Wisdom of Crowds by James Surowieki for more information on why this is often the case
In a democracy everybody has the right to try to get the system to work in a way that furthers their own self interests.  The people of South Pasadena have done this very successfully for several generations now.  I think that by acting in their own best interests and not considering the interests of their neighbors they have gone to far.  I intend to fight back by using shame, humor, the power of the internet and whatever else I can.  Don’t take it personally!

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