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Pasadena Politics, the 710 Freeway and 110 Freeway Access

A few years ago after the Pasadena City Council supported South Pasadena in their efforts to block construction of the 710 Freeway a ballot initiative was passed in Pasadena telling our the council to be quiet. Since then they have been quiet. Now it is time for Pasadena to take the next step and be vocal in favor of finishing the 710 freeway.

Orange Grove Ave

Orange Grove Ave in Pasadena, 4 lanes

If you live in Pasadena and feel the way I do please email your councilperson, be vocal and firm. We can push back against South Pasadena and keep access to the 110 freeway open. Orange Grove Ave. should be 4 lanes to the 110 Freeway. The 710 Freeway should be completed and the Gold Line should operate at the originally specified speed. Tell the Pasadena City Council to stand up for Pasadena and force South Pasadena be a better neighbor. Visit Close the Gap for more information.

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