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710 Now

I’d calmed down for a few years about the way that South Pasadena had been able to keep the 710 freeway from being built. But the shock of learning that they were permanently narrowing Orange Grove Avenue has spurred me back to action.

Orange Grove Ave

Here are some things that individuals can do to express their anger at South Pasadena for their selfish behavior:
1. Avoid shopping, dining or doing business in South Pasadena.
2. Tell other why you avoid doing business there.
3. If you are frustrated by the traffic on Fremont Street or Mission Blvd. honk your horn let them know.
4. July 10th is 7/10 is South Pasadena action day. We may need to have a stall-in or a car horn orchestra practice. Check my web site for updates.
5. Visit http://www.710gap.com/overview/204.htm and let them know you support them.
6. Forward this link to other people who have to commute through this area.
7. Email your city council person or county supervisor and let them know of your outrage.

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  • David the semi Libertarian November 12, 2006, 8:46 am

    While I am in full agreement with your proposed actions, and am anxious to join you on July 10; I must point out that it is a violation of the vehicle code to use a horn for any purpose other than to avoid an accident. Since the actions of South Pasadena are no accident, but the result of cynical and purposful selfish arrogance, the local constabulary may be inclined to enforce the code. However, getting arrested for willful and consistant horn blowing may actually awaken the conflicted South Pasadenians who may be willing to take a stand for civility and good neighborlieness.

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