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Orange Grove Outrage

I was amazed last week when I was driving down Orange Grove Avenue in South Pasadena to see that the improvements being installed do not include returning the road to four lanes wide. How can it be that South Pasadena, after stopping construction of the 710 freeway for 40 years, can get away with making one of the access roads to the 110 freeway permanently narrower?

Orange Grove Ave
Orange Grove Ave one lane south

South Pasadena has got to be one of America’s most selfish cities. But where are the city council people of Pasadena? How could they let this happen? What about fairness?

Orange Grove Ave
Orange Grove Ave, 4 lanes in Pasadena

I propose that since the people of South Pasadena don’t want us to drive on a freeway in their city we do the only reasonable thing and not allow them to drive on the freeway in any city that there selfish behavior effects. All residents of South Pasadena should have their cars marked, maybe with a big “S” for selfish and they should not be allowed to drive on the 210 or the 10 freeways west of the 605. Fair is fair. They won’t let us drive on freeways in their town. We don’t want them on the freeway in our town.

Now what to do about the city council in Pasadena? It is time to elect some new people who will stand up to the Selfish South Pasadena crowd. Twenty years ago when Arcadia installed signs and bumps to keep the people from Sierra Madre from driving through their city to get to the 210 freeway. Sierra Madre sued and made them back down. What is the matter with our elected officials that they won’t put the interests of their constituents first?

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