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The Colbert Stone

The Men of Stone completed their first public installation last week at Colbert Studios 94 North Baldwin in Sierra Madre, CA.  The owner of Colbert Studios, Allyn Colbert was extremely gracious, helpful and cooperative in allowing us to make this installation.


DeLoss admires the Colbert Stone.


Dr  Payne and DeLoss with the new installation.

During the last two years, what I call the learning phase of our enterprise, the Men of Stone have discovered, recovered, designed and installed seven stones at no charge.  We have learned a lot about the process and what works and doesn’t and are now ready to begin the next phase of our project.  In the next phase we will install seven to ten large stones at cost on qualified sites.  Qualified is a term of art that will be defined as we go along.

Our objective in the second phase will be to perfect our skills and to begin positioning the art for marketing in the final phase.   These stone fountains are works of art.  They are difficult to create and require a coordinated effort of a number of artists, craftsmen and engineers.  The final price will have to reflect this reality.

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To contact the Men of Stone about an installation email simonburrow@mac.com

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