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Taxi Cabs

So my current obsession is the names of the independent cabs in San Diego.  There are cabs that describe the ride you should have i.e. the “ASAP Cab”, the “Challenger Cab”, the Rumi Cab, and the “Happy Cab”.  Of course,  there are the traditional Yellow Cabs and Orange Cabs but there is also a “Black and White Cab”,  which is red and the “Emerald Cab” which is blue.  But my favorite, however, is the “Maipu Cab”.  The answer to this question is not here!  This obsession has me searching for it where ever I go and hoping to get a picture of it. (We actually turned around the other night when we spotted it but it was gone.) As soon as I get one I will post a picture of it.  Does any other cities have such fun with cabs?  If so I want pictures.

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