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2017 Hobel Prize Finalists Updated

Here is an update to yesterday’s Hobel Prize Finalist post. I have included two more finalists and updated the past nominees category. Please use the comments section below (that is now working) to vote for your choice to win the coveted 2017 Hobel Prize.New nominees:

Good scotch tape
Computer Mouse
Velcro Shoes
The “Add Time” Button on the Microwave
E Readers
Zip Lock Bags
Seven compartment pill boxes
Half Sheet paper towels


Most of these will be added to the past nominees category but two of them are fresh, new and helpful enough to be added to the finalist list:

Half Sheet Paper Towels

Seven compartment pill boxes



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  • Simon December 21, 2017, 8:57 pm

    The food related product have an unfair advantage at mealtimes.

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