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One Cap

Crystal Geyser has started using a new type of bottle cap on its plastic water bottles and it is a big improvement over the old screw off tops and the “sports tops.” It is much cheaper than the sports top and is one piece so there is less trash and it is easier to reclose. When I first saw them I was concerned that they would leak. I have given them a week of intensive testing and I can certify that they are less prone to leak than the old screw tops.

Well done Crystal Geyser the 1-cap is definitely a nominee for this years Homebel Prize.

The 1-CAP is a interesting product in that it performs a social good for a capitalist reason. The social good is that the new cap will reduce litter. the capitalist motive is that in the margin they will sell more of their water to people like me who like the convenience and the reduced litter.

Should the government get involved, mandating this new cap? Should Crystal Geyser (or the owner of the cap patent) be required to allow all disposable water bottle suppliers to convert to this new product?


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  • Norm Brooks December 16, 2017, 11:42 am

    I like the fact that it reduces litter,that is a good thing.However it is difficult
    to drink from the bottle which most people do.The cap gets in the way unless
    you either pour it in a glass or drink from a straw.If you bend the cap back so you can drink,it will eventually break off.It’s a good idea,but I think it needs
    a little modification.Thank you.

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