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USPS Idea Two

USPS division of Amazon (subsidized by the taxpayers)

Delivering the mail isn’t the business it used to be. And it isn’t getting any better. The USPS has tried to solve this by becoming a package delivery business competing with Fedex and UPS. There biggest customer is Amazon and they are apparently giving them smoking prices to keep the volume. This all started because the Post Office has always given special (below cost) rates for printed material. Now you know why you get so many catalogs. Amazon got started selling books and used this super low rate, among other things, to but most bookstores out of business. Now they have trapped the Post Office into helping them compete with all kinds of other retailers. Delivering “the last mile” isn’t cheap but it is cheaper if the taxpayers pick up some of the bill.

It is time to level the playing field for brick and mortar retailers. Make the post office completely independent. Prices will rise and local retailers will thrive. Or give the USPS to Amazon as a gift. It’s either that or the USPS will be the Amtrak of our children’s generation.

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