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Prospecting Day

Here is a business idea that is perfect for a young entrepreneur  in Phoenix. It is seasonal, has low start-up costs and will be easy to test. Like most tourism ideas you pick people up at their hotels but don’t take them hot air ballooning or jeep riding. You take them instead prospecting. You hike as a group for an hour, about two miles, with a well packed mule and a guide dressed as a prospector. On the way he or she explains the nineteenth century prospecting life. The destination is the tailing of an old mine. At that point you dine alfresco on the sumptuous feast that came on the mule. You are shown how to find high grade ore and then make the hike back to the van for the return to your hotel. You’ll be back at the hotel by 4:00pm in time for a quick swim and cocktails.

The beauty of this idea is that it requires very little capital to try and almost no employees for getting the MVP to market.

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