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Monetizing Shade

Corner shade on Camelback

During the heat of summer in Phoenix people try to park in the shade. Even if the parking is less convenient it is worthwhile to park in the shade and walk a little farther. How much is shade worth? How much will people pay for it? These are questions worth pondering and then calculating if money can be made on the valuation.One idea is to build shade structures in parking lots and charge patrons for the right to park in them. Perhaps sharing the revenue with the landlord. Other ideas for this would be to add solar cells as a revenue source or use the surfaces created for advertising.

Another idea would be to build a car roof mounted umbrella system. It would have to be light weight and completely automatic

Trees are another idea but figuring out how to monetize the shade from trees is beyond me.

The spots in the shade in parking lots are often assigned to the people at the top of the organization. Shade therefore becomes a way to display status. Is there a way to use this in mall parking lots? Perhaps membership in the Phoenix Shade Club allows one to park in the shaded, environmentally correct (because of the solar panels) spaces.


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