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A Combo Pole for Hikers

How about combining a hiking pole and a selfie stick.This simple idea would make it much easier to take digital photos and videos along the trail. 

The pole would need a screw hole on top to add the phone or GoPro and the actual mount would have to be very sturdy. It would not need an telescoping pole since you could use your hiking pole for that. I bought my bluetooth remote on Amazon for about $5.00.

This is a good idea but it has two flaws. First it has a limited market. To prove this draw a Venn diagram showing the intersection of all hikers and all selfie stick users. The second flaw is that it will benefit the first hiking pole manufacturer who adapts it but in a few years it will become ubiquitous and the competitive advantage will be lost. Kind of like what happened when paper towels went to smaller sheets. But I want one and will volunteer to be a beta tester for Black Diamond when they have prototypes.

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