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Five in One Sun Protection from New Zealand

NZ5in1 is what you need for the beach, the pool, the mountains or the river. Created to fit the needs of action sports enthusiasts everywhere. NZ5in1 is better than any other sunscreen product on the market. Why Five in One? Because it contains the ingredients you need when you spend time in the sun.

  • Doctor recommended SPF 40 sunscreen
  • A mild tanning agent so you’ll look like you’ve been in the sun. (like the spray tan they use on TV)
  • moisturizing lotion to keep your skin soft and wrinkle free
  • 47% less eye sting because of what we didn’t put in
  • and number five it is waterproof up to 2 hours
  • All in a gluten free, PBA free, organic creme

Why didn’t somebody think of this before now. To make it happen it took two Kiwis and a chemist. Now NZ5in1 is available everywhere.


The above is some sample copy showing a product that needs to be created and how it could be marketed. All that is needed for this to exist is a person with ambition, enthusiasm and the entrepreneurial spirit.


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