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He’s Back

About the same time that we were moving to Phoenix I had a virus on my blog. The virus or malware was putting ads for viagra on every page of my site. At first it looked like it was going to cost near $1000 to fix it and I was contemplating ditching the blog. But I missed the discipline of this open communication tool. It is nice to have a space that is not molded by Zuckerberg, Bezos and their ilk.  So we gave conquering the virus one more try. Now thanks to the hard work and persistence of Nancy Harvey, my computer expert and the knowledge and persistence of the folks at Quttera the virus is gone and we are back in business.

Phoenix is a big change for us but we are enjoying our new life. There are so many discoveries to be made. We climbed out of our Pasadena rut and are for a short while (new word alert) rutless. Eventually we’ll dig new metaphorical ruts. Right now we have some choice about what these new ones will look like and where they go. One place these new ruts are taking us is hiking and exploring this beautiful new place.IMG_2267

Hiking in Flagstaff with Nurit

What is ahead for the blog? I’m planning to tell some stories about the places we see in Arizona and the people we meet. I’ll keep exploring the complex paradoxes of life. I hope to keep posting new ideas to the ideapreneur section and of course postcards, humor, discoveries, immigration and maxims. Not too much politics and hopefully not too much that offends anyone.


At the end of Hieroglyphic Trail

It is nice to be back.

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