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Trying to cross the road where there isn’t a traffic signal is perilous. Drivers are focused on getting where they are going and don’t look out for pedestrians. Here is a positive way to make the roads safer for everybody.

I have thought about this problem a lot and have a solution that might work.

I spend far more time being an urban pedestrian than I used to. I prefer to hike in the mountains but time constraints and obligations keep me in town many days. So urban walking to do errands is often the only way to get in some steps. In Pasadena drivers are not always alert for pedestrians and there are lots of close calls. The tendency is to curse the drivers who do badly and perhaps give them a dirty look or worse.

I have started using a different approach and I’d like to suggest it to all pedestrians and cyclists. I give a big wave and a mouthed “Thank you” to all drivers who yield to me. Even the ones who do it begrudgingly because they don’t really have a choice. The idea is to reinforce their good behaviors. I also noticeably pick up my pace while in their path. It is something we all can do to from our side of the driver/pedestrian.

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  • gene May 3, 2016, 8:19 am

    Good idea especially picking up your pace, it gets you out range quicker.

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