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Trail Closed

Up the Arroyo Seco at the Paul Little Picnic Area there used to be a trail that went on up toward Inspiration point.  I’ve been up looking for it a few times and today I found it.

The trick is to follow the trail closed signs.

It starts up the east canyon wall about 4 miles above the JPL parking lot. I followed it for about a half mile before I ran out of time. But it looks like a promising way to make another Pasadena loop hike. Why it is closed is not yet clear.

If asked why you are on a trail that is closed answer that you are not on the trail you are bushwhacking.  Bushwhacking is still legal but going on a closed trail might be illegal.

At the debris basin above Paul Little.

Above the debris basin. Which is completely full of debris and can no longer do its job.

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