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An article titled; What’s with all those Stacks of Stones in the Woods?” was forwarded to me by Neal S.  It makes an argument against building cairns.  It even shows footage of an evil man kicking one of the cairns over.

I’m on the other side of this issue.  Cairns are a way for some people to connect with the outdoors. They are not permanent.  If you don’t like them don’t look at them.  The outdoors is about freedom and connection. There is lots of wilderness what it needs is constituency to preserve it.  A bunch of self-righteous control freaks telling everybody what they can and can’t does not help build a constituency. I see it with people who don’t like mountain bikes or horses or pack mules or bushwhacking. Come on folks there is plenty of space lets all get along.  Praise the existence of wild spaces and use them so that others can.



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