The Middle Kingdom

The Middle Kingdom is what the Chinese call their country. I had never thought about it very much but it when I did I thought it was a bad translation of a reference to Tolkien’s Middle Earth or some other time reference. It turns out that, according to Michael Auslin in his book The End […]

Kale Explains Everything

Republicans don’t like Kale. They’d like to ban it and penalize those who secretly consume it. Democrats think kale is a very good thing. They want everyone to eat some everyday. And would like to pass legislation to subsidize kale farmers and pay for a massive advertising campaign promoting kale.


Trying to cross the road where there isn’t a traffic signal is perilous. Drivers are focused on getting where they are going and don’t look out for pedestrians. Here is a positive way to make the roads safer for everybody.

New Word Alert

We had two dogs on our excellent trip to Yosemite last week.  It was rainy a few days so we ended up inside and had to maneuver around sleeping dogs. 

The Experience Economy

A week ago I speculated that more money would be flowing toward buying experiences and marginally less to buying stuff. As is often the case it turns out there is a book. The Experience Economy was written in 1999. So it appears that what I observed in 2015 was first seen by Gilmore and Pine […]

A Change of Status – 4 – Swag

Swag is the stuff you get to mark that you have had an experience.  People go to Disneyland and buy a Disney branded something to show that they were there.  Going to Disneyland conveys status, buying the tee shirt displays it. How you go to Disneyland also displays status. If you have an annual pass, […]

A Change of Status Two

“The Paramount concern of man is status: how to achieve it, how to display it.” Tom Wolfe, author Status is already being displayed in vacations. More and more will be spent on experiences that convey status and display of those experiences for status purposes. This is why the entire entertainment/travel/experience industry will grow faster than […]

Canoe Races in Eaton Canyon

Here is a fund raising idea for the friends of the Eaton Canyon Nature Center:   A canoe race down the wash. Maybe from the bridge to the Nature Center.  Since there is no water you’ll have to carry the canoes and run (rules will be needed)  But a good time will be had by […]