Happy Birthday Israel

The State of Israel was 64 years old this week which makes it about middle aged as nations go. Happy Birthday Israel To add a little more historic perspective: Israel was founded before the fax machine and outlived it. Israel was founded before the cassette tape and has outlived it. The same for the floppy […]

Israel Photos

Our Israel trip with Dennis Prager was one of the highlights of this year. Here are links to: the flickr album of photos I posted about the trip. My other blog posts related to the trip Dennis Prager’s web site where you can learn about his future trip

Tears of Affliction

One of the Passover rituals is to dip parsley in salt water.  I’m not sure why. At every Seder I have ever been to the salt water was made at the home.  It is easy to do but sometimes it is done wrong.  Usually not enough salt.  My suggestion is to sell premixed salt water […]


  In Israel so many of the caregivers are from the Philippines that the Hebrew word for caregiver has become “philippina.”  So that it is possible (and we overheard this) to say:  “My philippina is from Turkey.”  The photo above was taken in one of the malls in Tel Aviv.  It is a group of […]

Senior Thought

“A mother can take care of three or four children but three or four children can’t take care of a mother.” Christine Leventhal A very wise woman on the Prager Israel Trip during a conversation about taking care of elderly parents.  

L’Shanah Tovah

Happy New Year! Jewish New Year that is. “love” in Hebrew  5772 to be exact.  It starts tonight at sundown with, of course, a festive meal followed by services. L’Shanah Tovah means “for a good year.” L’Shanah Tovah is a shortening of “L’shanah tovah tikatev v’taihatem” and it means “May you be inscribed and sealed […]

Israel Trip Photos

We had a great trip to Israel and I finally got the album posted on Flickr. For those of you who aren’t interested enough to see all 100 pictures here are three of my favorites: The Roman Aqueduct at Caesarea.   The Bahai Temple in Haifa Nurit and I near the old city of Jerusalem […]