Pasadena 1959

This was Jack Gold, my father-in-law’s, first garage in Pasadena.  It was on Santa Anita Ave. south of Walnut and north of Colorado on the west side of the road.  it is no longer standing. Jack rented this space but within a few years he bought a lot on the corner of Walnut and Sierra […]

Happy Thanksgiving 2014

“Give thanks for a little and you will find a lot.” Hansa Proverb Happy Thanksgiving Simon The Dallas Arboretum Have I been here? When we were in Dallas for the UCLA- Texas game we visited the Dallas Arboretum and they were just creating this annual display.

UK Photos

Our trip to England for Bethany and Jame’s wedding was great. It was fun visiting the family and the weather was terrific in London. We visited some museums and gardens, went to Billy Elliot and visited Chislehurst Caves.  I might post more details later. There are 50 photos on Flickr here with pithy comments.  

A New Bucket

For Hanukkah, Lillian found and gave me a perfect new bucket for the pond. One of Maimonides, the medieval Jewish  scholar, most famous ideas was his Eight Levels of Giving.  They are still very germane today.  According to the list the highest level is giving a loan to a person in need and the lowest […]


We are going to the UK in March and Lillian and Rebecca got in a few practice calls: Life is Good Happy New Year to one and all

Small Bites Thanksgiving

Last Thursday on Thanksgiving we had a traditional sit down Thanksgiving Dinner with the extended family and it was wonderful.  And then on Saturday we had a non-traditional, gourmet, small bites Thanksgiving celebration courtesy of Lillian and Rebecca. Lillian and Mary Ann It was amazingly good.  I only took a few pictures because I was […]

Maryhill Henge

In September I visited Rebecca in Oregon and we took a few great road trips which I have yet to post any pictures from.  But because I have been on a blog henge roll for the past few days I thought I’d post this updated picture from Maryhill Henge in Washington.  We drove out the […]