Artificial Leaf

This is a synthesis post with some very good news.  Scientists at Caltech have made a synthetic leaf that using the suns energy converts water into Hydrogen and Oxygen.  So far they have only done it on a small scale but this is really exciting news.  It can solve both the problem of global warming […]

Welfare for the Rich

“Tesla appeals to confused consumers who simultaneously want to display ostentation and green virtue.”  a great line by Holman Jenkins on the WSJ editorial page. My beef is that Tesla is welfare for the rich.  A $10,000 tax credit for the car buyer.  Fuel economy credits for Tesla that they sell to pickup truck manufacturers […]

Investing During the Sovereign Debt Crisis

Back in December I wrote about what I called The Big Bubble and asked the question: What should an investor do to survive the looming government debt bubble?   Now along comes a book that attempts to answer that question.  Investing in the Age of Sovereign Defaults by Peter Treadway addresses that question.  He hedges […]