Public Art

R Kenton Nelson the excellent Pasadena artist has started making large mosaics. I just saw my first one installed thanks to Ken G’s sharp eye. It is in Pasadena in the alley just north of Colorado Blvd and east of Fair Oaks. Nelson will have a chance to install a lot of these mosaics and […]

Glisten is a Miracle Product

If your dishwasher is doing a lousy job of cleaning (I know: First World problem) If you have film or particles left on you dishes.  Then try Glisten.   It worked for us and it is worth trying for you.  I bought the six package set on Amazon and it worked miraculously.

Being Mortal

Atul Gawande makes you think about the end of life.  Being Mortal is highly recommended for those who have thought about why we are better able to manage our pets end of life circumstances than our loved ones.  The book is practical, realistic and optimistic.  We are in a transition from almost no old people […]


Better living through history.  Alice Schulman This is the remains of a lock on the old Erie Canal near Schenectady NY. Alice Schulman is the prime mover of the Huntington Westerners.


“It is better to be wrong than to simply follow convention.  If you are wrong, no matter, you have learned something and you will grow stronger.” Bryce Courtenay The Power of One (Simon is in Palau doing important research on the reef,  the Palau posts were prepared in advance)  

Neatness is Not a Virtue

Last summer we were given a copy of Voices of the Land a collection of essays and photographs. It was a gift from our friends from life Bonnie and Kai Underwood.  It sat on our coffee table unread and unthanked until it rained the other day.  It was our first real rain in about eight […]

Cell phones in public

A young lady from one of the classes I spoke to at CSUF (California State University Fullerton)made this video as part of a PR class.  Well Done.  It has a good message humorously presented. Here are a few of my other ideas to help end the cell phone scourge: How about people who are talking […]