Fire 3

Our neighbors who lost their home in the fire this week are doing better than expected.  I think that this is because they had all three of the elements necessary to survive a tragedy. They have social capital.  Meaning friends and associates that care about them as people. I had written about how important social […]

Coffee and Wildfires

One of the issues with wildfires is the smoke and ash that gets everywhere. Including in your lungs. What we need is a simple product to detoxify our bodies if we have to breath smoke. That product already exists. Coffee is mostly carbon particles suspended in water. Carbon absorbs toxins and volitles. Therefore drink strong […]

Station Fire Perspective

The most common adjectives about the Station Fire are that it is scary, destructive, wild, voracious, raging and uncontrolled. These are all true but they contain some hyperbole and not a little anthropomorphism. The San Gabriels on 8/31 from Kaiser Sunset I’d like to propose a few others adjectives that we should also be hearing.  […]

The Station Fire

If you are looking for information on the Station Fire here are a few resources you can try: My Blog about reopening the Mount Wilson Toll Road has a few pictures and my claim to prescience. The Altadena Blog has very timely information about the fire The Mt Wilson Towercam has real-time pictures of the […]

Fire in Santa Anita Canyon 4

After it appeared that the fires had died down last night (See report 3) We were woken up at 3:00 am this morning by the dog barking and this scene of the fire creeping over the next ridge towards us. It appears that we are not out of danger yet. The fire is now about […]

Fire in Santa Anita Canyon 3

The helicopters started at dawn this morning and with the wind cooperating the fire has died down substantially by 11:00 am. The helicopters flying up from the water point increase anxiety. But we were never in any real danger. This is the last puff of smoke visible to us. Fires in these hills are only […]