He’s Back

About the same time that we were moving to Phoenix I had a virus on my blog. The virus or malware was putting ads for viagra on every page of my site. At first it looked like it was going to cost near $1000 to fix it and I was contemplating ditching the blog. But […]


An article titled; “What’s with all those Stacks of Stones in the Woods?” was forwarded to me by Neal S.  It makes an argument against building cairns.  It even shows footage of an evil man kicking one of the cairns over. I’m on the other side of this issue.  Cairns are a way for some […]

Trail Closed

Up the Arroyo Seco at the Paul Little Picnic Area there used to be a trail that went on up toward Inspiration point.  I’ve been up looking for it a few times and today I found it. The trick is to follow the trail closed signs. It starts up the east canyon wall about 4 […]

The First Selfie

This could be a photo of the first selfie, one of the first selfies or it could be staged. It doesn’t matter. It gives me a chance to talk about selfie sticks. I like the selfie concept and I own a selfie stick which I use when I hike alone and when I want a […]

The Trail

“As you approach the obstacle a course of action will become apparent.” What appears from a distance to be an insurmountable problem can as you approach it be broken down into a series of small surmountable tasks.  Don’t be afraid of the big picture.  

Paradox Two

Why is it that Disneyland charges $100 a day and is always crowded while hiking in the mountains is free and the trails are nearly empty? The devils backbone trail to My Baldy

Treiman’s Theorem

Treiman’s Theorem: Impossible things usually don’t happen. More cobweb photos Usually is a very large space. Or the Gretsky Postulate: “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”