Business Idea

Recently I found myself wanting a card that said something along the lines of “whoops I screwed up”.  Of course I could not find any.  I think that someone should make them and sell them in a 6 pack, with things like “I am a moron” and “sorry for being an a$$”. Just think of […]

Maipu Cab

We have had some fun with the names of cabs in San Diego and Lillian had mentioned the elusive Maipu in a taxi post in February. Finally Heidi I. got a picture: Read as three syllables Ma-I-Pu it sounds like May I Poo. And the answer is no you may not.

Taxi Cabs

So my current obsession is the names of the independent cabs in San Diego.  There are cabs that describe the ride you should have i.e. the “ASAP Cab”, the “Challenger Cab”, the Rumi Cab, and the “Happy Cab”.  Of course,  there are the traditional Yellow Cabs and Orange Cabs but there is also a “Black […]

I’m Back

 It has been a while since I posted something. My father asked me to fill in while he is diving with the Codger Divers next month, so I thought I better get a bit of practice.  I am one of the people who checks this site along with many others daily and I thought I […]

Torrey Pines State Preserve

Early spring is the best time to visit the Torrey Pines State Preserve. Even though it is located in San Diego City it is a very different seafront wilderness area.  What a delightful surprise. Lillian and I went for a four mile walk on the excellent trails at Torrey Pines on Monday. We saw some […]

Life Book

Lillian used the digital photos we all took on trip to the Galapagos Islands last summer and made them into a beautiful book. She did it online using She incorporated captions, the ships daily schedule and pictures from the ships log as well as the ones we took. Any reasonably diligent person can build […]

Nostalgia for the Padres

Lillian and Heidi went to a Padres game at Petco Park last week and it was “retro night” or some such thing. They wore these beautiful uniforms: It reminded me of a comment from Steve Garvey who after being the Dodgers very good first baseman for many years went to play for the Padres. When […]


I am searching in San Diego for a good neighborhood bar near La Jolla. I love going to Lucky Baldwins in Sierra Madre for the Cheers like atmosphere and quality Jutebox, but I have yet to find such a place in San Diego. If anyone has any suggestions on either places to go or ways […]

Magenta Blues

As this week began I was very anxious about a job. I had made it to the final round of interviews, which had included a 45 minute phone interview, a 3 hour group interview and a final 2 hour individual interview with a panel of 6 interviewers. I had been told that I would be […]

Lilli’s First Weekly Column

Simon, (my dad) keeps asking me to comment on his postings and I was resistant until I discovered I could have my own series. Now everyone will have to deal my rantings too. Like father, like daughter. Mostly I am going to talk about my dealings in the garden, which considering my condo life is […]