Why Haderlein is Wrong

Dear Steve You stated in your email “Pasadena has no control over South Pasadena’s streets.” but you are wrong. If South Pasadena closed Orange Grove Blvd. and wouldn’t allow cars from Pasadena on it at all would we have “no control?” So why is it that they can cut the size of the southbound lanes […]

Haderlein on South Orange Grove Ave

Pasadena City Councilman Steve Haderlein’s response to my email about the narrowing of South Orange Grove Avenue. From: sjhaderlein@mycingular.blackberry.net Subject: Re: South Orange Grove Avenue Date: October 27, 2006 6:28:34 PM PDT To: Simon@simonburrow.com/ Unfortunate as it may be, Pasadena has no control over South Pasadena’s streets. Let’s stay in touch. Steve Haderlein My original […]

Some of My Best Friends

live in South Pasadena.  I have ranted three time in the last week against the city of South Pasadena and the joint actions of the residents of the city.  I’m going to rant a lot more on the topic.  However I want to make it clear that in my mind this struggle is a good […]

710 Now

I’d calmed down for a few years about the way that South Pasadena had been able to keep the 710 freeway from being built. But the shock of learning that they were permanently narrowing Orange Grove Avenue has spurred me back to action. Here are some things that individuals can do to express their anger […]

Freeway Politics

Is it okay if a million people have to suffer a little bit so that a few thousand can keep thing the way they are? This is the situation with the 710 Freeway. The people of South Pasadena have successfully blocked completing the freeway for more than 40 years. The people of Alhambra have had […]

Orange Grove Outrage

I was amazed last week when I was driving down Orange Grove Avenue in South Pasadena to see that the improvements being installed do not include returning the road to four lanes wide. How can it be that South Pasadena, after stopping construction of the 710 freeway for 40 years, can get away with making […]