Fashions Change

We all know that fashions change in clothing and fashions change in cars.  But do we also all know that fashions also change in kitchens, trade dress and postcards. The changes are influenced by technology but they would change anyway. Here is a fifty year look at some fashions in postcards: Postcards used to have […]

The Tightrope

Postcrossing is ten years old and people from around the world are sending millions of postcards every year to strangers in the hope that they will get a card back from another stranger somewhere else in the world.  (Check it out here) This strange form of trust is not common and I think it can […]

Postcards as Art

I belong to a group called Postcrossing.  With it you send postcards to strangers and other strangers send postcards back to you.  There are more than 500,000 active users right now. Some of the members have taken the hobby of collecting postcard to a new electronic level.  For instance take a look at this flickr […]

Cabbage Key, FL

  “Speak your mind without fear. You may be surprised by who agrees with you” Simon Cabbage Key, Florida Have I been here? Gene and I spent a night at Cabbage Key. The Dollar Bill Bar is unique.

Bonne Annee

“Cheers to the New Year and another chance to get it right” Oprah Winfrey Happy New Year! Simon Our Rental in Paris Have I been here? Not yet but we will be in Paris in the springtime and will take a cruise on the Seine.

Merry Christmas 2014

“Christmas isn’t a season. It’s a feeling” Edna Ferber Happy Christmas Simon Have I been here? We are going to Paris in the springtime of 2015.

An Oxymoron

“In Sarasota, Florida They can say “The world’s largest miniature circus” without irony.” Simon The John and Mable Ringling Museum Have I been here? Gene B and I visited the world’s largest miniature circus last month on the Florida Loop in Sweet Dreams. We really enjoyed saying a local oxymoron.

Happy Thanksgiving 2014

“Give thanks for a little and you will find a lot.” Hansa Proverb Happy Thanksgiving Simon The Dallas Arboretum Have I been here? When we were in Dallas for the UCLA- Texas game we visited the Dallas Arboretum and they were just creating this annual display.