Big Bird Weekend

On Friday in Quartzite I saw two buzzards Then on Saturday Nurit showed me two very large Hawks building a nest in a tree across the street. On Sunday a pair of ducks visited our pond and swimming pool. And today (Monday) the Great Blue Heron was sighted in a distant neighborhood tree. It is […]

A Pond without Koi

The koi died in Koimageddon a year or two ago. The pond is now an amphibian sanctuary.  Home to a few dozen Water Lilies, a few gold fish, guppies, lots of polliwogs and a nightly frog concert. Historical Pond Stories and Photos here Life is Good

Blue Blue Heron

Yesterday Nurit excitedly called me to the back window.  “He’s back!”  Sure enough a Great Blue Heron had stopped by the pond to investigate. Unfortunately because of Koimageddon the pickings are slim, unless you like frog legs. Happy Thanksgiving to All! I am thankful that I can live in beautiful Southern California with the resources […]


Well a frog.  At least one.  Back in July I got some pictures of thousands of tadpoles in the pond.  Yesterday, while we were winterizing the pond, Lilli saw a small frog sitting on a lily pad.  We got excited and we got pictures. To put it in perspective here it is with a ruler: […]

Bad Pond

The pond went bad in the last week or so.  Even with no fish we had an algae bloom which is pretty ugly and most of the tadpoles have vanished.  I don’t think they’re hiding. Reuben my “non-executive assistant” and I scooped out two buckets of crap and replanted and fed all of the lilies.  […]

Tadpoles vs Polliwogs

A new photo of the tadpoles in the pond shows a dramatic growth in their size and an equal and opposite decrease in their numbers. July 24, 2011 July 20, 2011 To be fair some of the number decrease might be the result of dispersion.  You can use the jar impression to judge the growth […]

Tadpoles in a Jar

The frog eggs have definitely hatched so I caught a Ball Jar full of them and took a picture. As you can see they are tiny and there are lots.  This was one scoop with the tiny net.  This is a top view. Unfortunately I don’t really know how to take pictures of things in […]


Those frog eggs that I showed in last weeks pond post are now tadpoles. Lillian discovered them over the weekend and found a link to a small website that explains lots about the Bull Frog life cycle.  There are now thousands of tiny tadpoles in the pond.  It will be very interesting to see how […]


The frog has laid eggs, spawned*, in the pond.  We know she spawned in the swimming pool a few month ago but this is the first time we have seen frog eggs in the pond. Koimageddon**: The death of the Koi last month was essential to this remarkable event.  Previously even if the frog had […]