Backyard Beauty

A beautiful garden is an evolving work of art. This season the fountain pond is filled with flowering Water Hyacinths.

New Fountain Installation

This is an interim photo of the new fountain installation we made at my home. I got five rocks in the summer and one of them was drilled by Mark E locally.  I installed it solo a few weeks ago.  Mark did an excellent job drilling the rock and Dr Payne’s new plinth worked very […]


I got a new batch of stones from the San Gabriel River a few months ago.  After they sat in the driveway for a few months I had some large men move them around. This one I’m going to clean, drill and make into our permanent fountain: This stack, which nobody likes, I’m going to […]

The Rainbow Stone

The Men of Stone showed their gratitude to Rainbow Canyon Ranch by installing a beautiful fountain near the office at the ranch. The final installation The design objective (without the deer or the tree) Most of the real work was done by my assistant Ruben. Jesse, an old friend, instructs Ruben at the site Ruben […]

Free Ranging Rocks

There are two kinds of rocks in the world: “Free Ranging” and “Caged.” This picture illustrates the point nicely.  the large boulder and small rocks along the petunias in the foreground are free ranging the stones cemented into the walls are caged.  You can see that the free ranging stones are happier.  Is it stone […]

Fishman Stone Installed

The Men of Stone shown here are celebrating the installation of the Fishman Stone: Dick, Simon and Howard We are now taking reservations for phase two stones. Contact Simon for more information The Stone And for the engineers: An installation detail.

The Fishman Stone

Today the Men of Stone are installing the Fishman Stone.  This is our first qualified installation in the second phase. This picture shows it during its trial on the test stand. This picture answers the question: “how do you lift them?”

The Colbert Stone

The Men of Stone completed their first public installation last week at Colbert Studios 94 North Baldwin in Sierra Madre, CA.  The owner of Colbert Studios, Allyn Colbert was extremely gracious, helpful and cooperative in allowing us to make this installation. DeLoss admires the Colbert Stone. Dr  Payne and DeLoss with the new installation. During […]

Latest Fountain Installed

We (The Men of Stone) finally finished the installation of the fountain in the David’s garden It looks good.  This is our fifth permanent installation and both the product and the installation technique are continuing to improve.  We now have only two more stones in stock available for experimental installation. The stone in place before […]

Garden Art

In Santa Fe we bought a garden sculpture/mobile from a very nice young man, Ben Malley at Wiford Gallery. I finally arrived and I finally installed it. When the wind blows it turns and reminds me of flowers. When the wind doesn’t blow it just looks like a very nice copper sculpture in the garden. […]