Training for Aging

Being on a committee is good training for being old. Most of what you do is sit around. There is quite a lot of confusion and very little output. Everything gets repeated and the results are always the same.

Pasadena 1959

This was Jack Gold, my father-in-law’s, first garage in Pasadena.  It was on Santa Anita Ave. south of Walnut and north of Colorado on the west side of the road.  it is no longer standing. Jack rented this space but within a few years he bought a lot on the corner of Walnut and Sierra […]

Senior Discount

I went into the Corner Bakery up the street to buy some pastries for my book group and they gave me the “Senior Discount.” I didn’t even have to ask. Do I really look that old. Do I dare to eat a peach. Shall I wear my trousers rolled. Years ago I used to call […]

Bucket List

“The most transformative way to get something off your bucket list is to stop wanting it.” Dave Maleckar Funny Times

Change is Good

Many years ago when we were in the frantic first days of building our company one of my slogans was Change is Good.  Until that is someone pointed out to me that some changes are not good like droughts or getting fired.  So we changed the slogan to Change is…… Implying not that it is […]

Old Dogs Home

If there was a old folks home for dogs would people use it?  Maybe under special circumstances when your dog has lost function and you can’t keep him at home anymore. It would be a good thing for someone in the kennel business to try.  There are dog eye doctors and pet acupuncturists why not […]