You don’t have to go far away to explore new things. Inga from Germany on Postcrossing photo is from a short visit to La Jolla, CA this week

Mt Whitney 2015

Two weeks from today I will be making another attempt to hike up Mt Whitney with Rebecca, Anthony and some of their friends. Heidi, Chris, Matt and ? Two years ago I made the hike with Lillian, Ben and Carmella and got to the top.  It was an amazing experience in itself. As a bonus […]

Bonne Annee

“Cheers to the New Year and another chance to get it right” Oprah Winfrey Happy New Year! Simon Our Rental in Paris Have I been here? Not yet but we will be in Paris in the springtime and will take a cruise on the Seine.

God Loves Texas

Do you need proof that God loves Texas.  First he made it so flat that they had to build water towers to have any water pressure.  Which made life a little bit more costly than in hilly areas.  But then the cellular phone was invented and the water towers became a perfect place to put […]

An Oxymoron

“In Sarasota, Florida They can say “The world’s largest miniature circus” without irony.” Simon The John and Mable Ringling Museum Have I been here? Gene B and I visited the world’s largest miniature circus last month on the Florida Loop in Sweet Dreams. We really enjoyed saying a local oxymoron.