$2.1 Billion Baseball Sign

The LA Dodgers were sold for 2.1 billion dollars this week.  A billion dollars more than was expected and twice what a sports franchise has ever sold for.  I’m calling it the DVR premium.  Follow me on this for a minute and then I show you the next place where values are going to increase. […]

Making Dodger Lemonade

When life gives you lemons make lemonade.   The announcement that Frank and Jamie McCourt are separated is lemons for a Dodger team that is struggling to beat the Phillies for the National League Pennant.  But other teams have used adversity to build their resolve.  The Phillies are wearing the initials HK on there uniforms in […]

Stop Spitting in Baseball

We went to our third baseball game of the year on Saturday night and the Dodgers lost again. So far we are 0 – 3. Other than that it was a perfect evening it didn’t rain and the company, Lillian and Barbara, was very simpatico. Baseball is an anachronism. It moves slowly in a fast […]

Spring Training

Nurit and I went to a spring training game and saw the Royals beat the Diamondbacks at Tucson Electric Park. We had excellent seats in the shade It was our first spring training game ever and will definitely improve our performance as fans during the 2008 season. right behind home plate ($15.00each) It is an […]

Red Sox

Why is the Boston baseball team called the Red Sox? Based on their uniforms in the World Series they seem to be the Red Sleeves. From what I can see none of them are wearing red socks but they are wearing red sleeves. Go Figure

Drowning in Spit, or the death of Baseball

Baseball players spit. It is part of the ritual. They all used to chew tobacco so spitting was a requirement. Now it is part of the tradition and if it doesn’t change it will kill the game. Spitting when you are 50 or so feet away from someone at a game is not to gross. […]

Beach Balls in Stadiums, An odd ritual

We were at the UCLA Football game and it was a bright sunny day so some people were knocking beach balls around. It is always an interesting exercise to watch and I asked an innocent question: “Who is it that plans “Oh we’re going to a football game lets stop at the 99 cent store […]

RFK Stadium

Yesterday we went to a Washington Nationals – Atlanta Braves game at RFK Stadium in Washington DC. The stadium was built in 1961 and is showing its age. This is the last year the Nationals will play here and the Redskins left a decade or so ago. So it is a good thing we came […]