An article titled; “What’s with all those Stacks of Stones in the Woods?” was forwarded to me by Neal S.  It makes an argument against building cairns.  It even shows footage of an evil man kicking one of the cairns over. I’m on the other side of this issue.  Cairns are a way for some […]

Weirdness Points

You have a set amount of “weirdness points”. Spend them wisely. An interesting idea from the Effective Altruism Forum I’m pretty sure that my henges use up most of my weirdness points. Leaving almost none for my libertarian conservative open the doors to immigrants weird views.

Superlative Henge

The World’s Smallest Green Cupcake Henge. It is my tribute to the fifth anniversary of Clonehenge and Facebook Clonehenge.  Congratulations to Nancy W. who is the creative spirit behind the enterprise. More Henges Superlatives Bronze Buddhas

Why We Henge

I have built some great henges in the last few years some as events like TubeHenge: TubeHenge Some solo like CitrusHenge: CitrusHenge Now an article in the Clarion Legend (Clarion, Mississippi) talks about Henging and why it happens.  After visiting Stonehenge and some other replicas the author Felder Rushing was inspired to make Peghenge, a […]

New Henge Ideas

In no particular order here are some henge ideas that came out of the wine at recent events leading. What is a Henge?  In the alliterative catagory we have: Hingehenge Foamhenge Tomehenge Bonehenge Small henge proposals include: Filmhenge (35mm film containers) Ricehenge Microchiphenge Beermathenge Cassettehenge Scissorhenge Walkmanhenge Cornonthecobhenge PS2henge Postcardhenge drinkumbrellahenge and my favorite Matchbookhenge […]


We visited the “Levitated Mass” at the Los Angles County Museum of Art (LACMA) on Saturday.  It was heavy.  The LACMA website calls it a Megalith which in my mind makes this installation a henge.  The artist is Michael Heizer.  What I admire most, having moved some big stones around myself, is that he was […]

CitrusHenge the Blog Post

On a very recently discovered and translated Mayan carving it said something like: “build a Stonehenge replica out of citrus and the 2012 apocalypse will be averted.” So we did and it was. Saved that is. Our little row of citrus trees had a bountiful harvest this year. And while I was harvesting my henge […]

Wine Rack Henge

It is the curse of the henger.  I was building a new wine rack for the hall closet and the nicely shaped maple pieces suddenly started talking to me.  And what they were saying was “we are a henge.” And they became a henge. Then the spirits intervened (it is a wine rack after all) […]

Camera Case Henge

CameraCaseHenge Photo courtesy of Gordon C This installation henge was a subset of sweaterhenge on August 26, 2012.  It was created by a splinter group of attendees led by Doug M. Note how this exceptional photo shows the afternoon sun shining through the center of the keycase arch. (center foreground)