Eco Marketing

If you want to sell to millennials you need to use the words that trigger good feeling for them. If you use three of the following words in your marketing you are much more likely to be successful. Don’t worry about performance, most of these words are not precise and are intentional not measurable. The […]

The Green Zone

In the USA we all drive a lot and most of the time we drive with no feedback on how we’re doing. There is a solution, a new iPhone app measures driving quality and gives instant feedback.  It is destined to become the Fitbit of driving. People crave data, feedback and comparisons. The Green Zone […]

An Ubertunity

Uber uses smart phone technology to pair people who need rides with people who have cars and time. It is a brilliant idea. AirBnB does the same thing with extra rooms. These are big disruptive changes to how business has been done. Uber is causing major ripples in the Taxi/Government monopoly on transport in cities. […]

Canoe Races in Eaton Canyon

Here is a fund raising idea for the friends of the Eaton Canyon Nature Center:   A canoe race down the wash. Maybe from the bridge to the Nature Center.  Since there is no water you’ll have to carry the canoes and run (rules will be needed)  But a good time will be had by […]

Hard Drive Progress

I have almost fully recovered from my hard drive crash on October 3.  The new drive is amazing.  It is a Seagate 1 terabyte drive which is half solid state memory and cost right about $90. While looking for a photo I found a 5 terabyte drive for about a $100. The first hard drive […]

The Tightrope

Postcrossing is ten years old and people from around the world are sending millions of postcards every year to strangers in the hope that they will get a card back from another stranger somewhere else in the world.  (Check it out here) This strange form of trust is not common and I think it can […]

Artificial Leaf

This is a synthesis post with some very good news.  Scientists at Caltech have made a synthetic leaf that using the suns energy converts water into Hydrogen and Oxygen.  So far they have only done it on a small scale but this is really exciting news.  It can solve both the problem of global warming […]